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Two Federal Court Rulings On Gay Marriage Still Not Enough For Jindal

AP Photo / Bill Clark

The appeals court also acted on state bans in Mississippi and Texas Wednesday, directing lower courts to rule against anti-gay marriage measures once and for all there. States were free to began granting same-sex marriage license as soon the Supreme Court declared marriage constitutional right for gay couples, however some states insisted on waiting for lower courts to rule on the cases that apply directly to them before recognizing the marriages.

Jindal's office had previously said that the state would wait for the appeals court order before recognizing the marriages. Now it appears the state will wait for yet a another procedural step.

The Jindal administration has also said that, under an executive order he signed in May as well as state and federal law, local clerks with religious objections can opt out of officiating same-sex marriages. The Louisiana-ACLU and other marriage equality advocates have filed a lawsuit challenging that executive order.