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Jindal Announces 2016 Run With Hidden Camera Video Of Convo With Kids

AP Photo / Jim Cole

The video, first reported on by IJ Review, was posted on Jindal's Facebook page, as well as his freshly-launched campaign website Wednesday.

"Mommy and daddy have been thinking and praying about this a lot," Jindal says, sitting at a patio table with his children and his wife, Supriya. "We wanted to talk to you first."

Warning his children not to tell anyone, he tells them, "We have decided we are going to be running for president this year.”

Jindal was expected to announce his campaign this week, having recently hammered out a controversial budget deal with his state legislature to address a $1.6 billion shortfall.

"Things are going to change a bit. We are going to be busy, obviously, this year, and we’re going to be doing some traveling," Jindal says in the video.

I had to tell a few people first. But I want you to be next. I’m running for President of the United States of America. Join me:

Posted by Bobby Jindal on Wednesday, June 24, 2015