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Jim Webb's Nascent Presidential Campaign Runs Into Domain Name Problems

AP Photo / Charlie Neibergall

Webb, the Democratic presidential candidate, has settled on for his campaign website. He is not the first White House contender who did not secure the URL bearing his or her name. Ex-HP exec Carly Fiorina, a GOP 2016er, caught flack when led to a page that highlighted the HP employees laid off under her tenure., referring to the firebrand senator from Texas also running for the Republican nom, directs to a page that reads, "Support President Obama. Immigration Reform Now!"

Meanwhile, it does not goes unnoticed when variations of domain names only vaguely related to a potential campaign are aggressively bought up. Buzzfeed reported in April that almost every imaginable Chelsea Clinton-associated domain name was registered ahead of the announcement that her mother, Hillary Clinton, was running for president.