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Jesse Jackson Jr. Has Written Not One But Two Books While In Prison

AP Photo / Susan Walsh

The news was reported Tuesday by, which recently received a series of emails from Jackson. The two books are titled "The Tao of Jesus Christ," and "The Last Campaign: A Memoir."

The website reached out to Jackson -- who is currently serving a 2 ½ year sentence in an Alabama federal prison -- to ask him about his ideas for prison reform. Jackson responded with emails and a nine-page letter laying out a plan that calls for presidential pardons for all offenders who have served their time. The letter was written by a man named John P. Karoly Jr., who was a fellow inmate with Jackson at a federal prison in North Carolina.

Jackson was transferred from the North Carolina facility last month after a reported dispute with prison officials.

Jackson pleaded guilty last year to charges stemming from his misuse of hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds. He began serving his 30-month sentence in October, and has a listed release date of Dec. 31, 2015.