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WATCH: Black ABC Producer Emotionally Recalls Encounter With White Supremacist


Towards the end of the "Nightline" segment, which aired late last month, producer Jasmine Brown informed co-anchor Byron Pitts that Cobb told her the network better not send a "negro presenter" to interview him. Pitts, who had just arrived in North Dakota, tried to convince Cobb over the phone to sit down with him in person. In response, Cobb repeatedly called Pitts the N-word.

Brown shared even more details of their interactions with Cobb in a video posted online last week. She recalled that Cobb seemed "gracious" and excited to talk about his affinity for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump when she first reached out to him about an interview.

Then Cobb looked her up on Google and sent her a text message that read "I'd been hoping yr given name was from a standard wigress mom" and added "ABC will have to provide a human iterviewer (sic)."

“This was definitely the first time that I’d ever experienced anything like this,” Brown said in the video. “Like just direct hatred towards me because of the color of my skin.”

Despite refusing to work with the black members of the "Nightline" crew, Cobb has interacted with black TV personalities in the past. He appeared on "The Trisha Goddard Show" two years ago and found out that a DNA test allegedly showed he had "14 percent sub-Saharan African" heritage.

Yet Cobb accused ABC of "intentionally" sending two black reporters to cover him. He responded by posting both Brown's and Pitts' personal information on a white supremacist website, Brown said in the video.

The brush with Cobb clearly had an impact on the young producer.

"It sucks that as a 20-something-year-old woman, who's like a millennial who's always been told their entire life 'just be you,' that that's not the case for some people," Brown said in the video while tearing up. "You think that it's all in the past. You learn about civil rights and all that stuff, how far we've come. But we haven't."