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International Rescue Committee Keeps Fighting To Place Syrian Refugees In Texas

AP Photo / Joel Martinez

"We are confident that the IRC has always acted in accordance with the law when it comes to our work to assist refugees who have been given sanctuary in Texas," IRC wrote in its brief.

IRC and Texas are locked in a standoff about whether a family of Syrian refugees can be admitted in the state. The family is scheduled to arrive Friday. Earlier this week, Texas fled an injunction to block IRC from settling the refugees. The state's Gov. Greg Abbott has said he will not allow Syrian refugees in his state until he is confident in the vetting process, however, federal law dictates that settling refugees is at the discretion of the federal government.

Since the Syrian refugee crisis began five years ago, IRC has helped settle 300 of the roughly 2,000 Syrian refugees who have been admitted to the U.S. The number of Syrian refugees in the U.S. is just a fraction of the 4 million who have been displaced since the civil war began.