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House GOPer: Sebelius Should 'Absolutely' Be Fired

AP Photo / Mark Stahl

Johnson said the healthcare website is a failure and is beyond repair.

"A system this large and this complex, there comes a point in time when you can't throw more money at it and throw more people at it to fix it," he said."It's not rocket science but an implementation of this size and magnitude takes a great deal of discipline. It's very, very clear the administration has not exercised that kind of discipline."

Johnson, a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, criticized Sebelius for not agreeing to testify before the committee about the health care law on Thursday. 

"I can certainly understand why she doesn't want to testify, because this is a disaster, but she has to come before the American people and help the American people understand what happened here. This is an absolute disaster," Johnson said.