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Hillary Clinton Talks Feminism With Lena Dunham (VIDEO)

Lenny Letter

Politico got a sneak peek at their conversation, which will be published in full when Dunham's newsletter venture goes live Tuesday. In the clip obtained by Politico, Dunham, whose HBO show "Girls" has made her a feminist icon for the millennial generation, asked Clinton whether she too considered herself a feminist.

"Yes. Absolutely," a beaming Clinton responded.

"I’m always a little bit puzzled when any woman of whatever age, but particularly a young woman, says something like, ‘Well, I believe in equal rights but I’m not a feminist,’" she continued. "Well, a feminist is by definition someone who believes in equal rights. I’m hoping that people will not be afraid to say, 'That doesn’t mean you hate men. It doesn’t you want to separate out the world, so you’re not a part of ordinary life.' That’s not what it means at all! It just means that we believe women have the same rights as men, politically, culturally, socially, economically."

Dunham has made no secret of her support for Clinton's candidacy. Earlier this year she posted an Instagram photo of a bumper sticker she scored while visiting Clinton's Brooklyn campaign headquarters:

The interview with Dunham comes amid a flurry of national media appearances for Clinton, including an interview on CBS' "Face The Nation" last weekend and upcoming appearances on NBC's "Meet The Press" and "Today."

Watch the clip below via Politico: