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Harvard Evacuates Campus Buildings Due to 'Unconfirmed Bomb Threat'

AP Photo / Elise Amendola

In a statement, Harvard's Executive Vice President, Katie Lapp, confirmed that the school was investigating an emailed bomb threat with the help of local and federal law enforcement officials. Four campus buildings are still being checked, and the source of the threat has not yet been determined.

"The safety and security of members of the Harvard community is always our top priority," the statement reads. "In the wake of recent tragic events in locations ranging from Paris to Beirut and beyond, we understand that this type of threat will cause great anxiety for many across our campuses."

The university evacuated the Science Center, Sever, Emerson and Thayer Halls just after 12:30 p.m., and also restricted access to Harvard Yard. They first announced the threat on Twitter.

The full search of the buildings is expected to take several hours.