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Hannity: Dems Hosting Town Hall For Black Lives Matter May As Well Host KKK (VIDEO)

Fox News

Hannity said the Democratic National Committee, which has acknowledged activists’ demand for a more substantial debate on issues important to the black community, may as well “let the Klan host a party.”

Though the DNC turned down Black Lives Matter’s original request to organize an offical presidential debate about racial justice, Hannity thought their offer of a town hall represented too much of a concession to the “radical group.”

“Your Democratic Party is going to allow the ‘pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon’ group to host a Democratic forum?” Hannity asked Fox contributor Juan Williams, referring to a chant Minnesota activists used to decry police brutality at an August protest.

“What’s wrong with your party?” Hannity asked. “Why don’t you let the Klan host a party? Talking about killing cops, fry them like bacon.”

Williams, one of the handful of liberals on Fox News, pointed out that “they are a special interest group and they are saying they want attention for their issue.”

“Right,” Hannity shot back. “The ‘pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon’ group.”

“How in this day in age can you say black lives matter — all lives matter — and just say black lives,” he went on. “Hispanic lives don’t matter, Asian lives don’t matter, white lives don’t matter, the unborn lives don’t matter. That, to me, is racist!”

As Williams pointed out, various other groups, like the National Rifle Association, routinely ask presidential candidates to address the issues they hold dear.

Despite comparing the racial justice group to the Klu Klux Klan, Hannity took offense to Williams’ example.

“Don’t compare the NRA to this racism!” Hannity said. "Excuse me, I’m a proud NRA member and I’m the biggest gun safety person you’ll ever meet.”

Other Fox hosts, like Bill O’Reilly, have previously described Black Lives Matter as a “hate group” for criticizing police officers.

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