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German Official Pleased With Feinstein's Response To Foreign Spying Revelations

AP Photo / Gero Breloer

Grosse-Bromer added that he hopes to start a "dialogue" with Feinstein and the intelligence committee about U.S. foreign spying practices.

Fenstein said Monday that she is "totally opposed" to spying on foreign leaders, and she called for an investigation into U.S. foreign spying operations.

Grosse-Bromer's positive response comes one day after Germany and other allies considered pulling U.S. access to a tool that helps the American government track bank transfers made by terrorist groups. 

The U.S. is reportedly weighing an end to monitoring the phone conversations of allied foreign leaders, but a White House official earlier refuted the claim that the administration would cease the practice outright.

President Obama said he was unaware of the NSA's practice of spying on foreign allies, and declined to comment further.