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Erickson Says McCarthy's Benghazi Comment May Disqualify Him For Speaker

AP Photo / Tony Gutierrez

McCarthy credited the House Select Committee on Benghazi's work with the Democratic presidential frontrunner's sinking poll numbers during a Tuesday night interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity. In a blog post on RedState titled "You want this guy as speaker?", Erickson said that interview "handed Hillary Clinton a campaign commercial and gave the left-media their newest talking point."

"Never mind that the committee is trying to uncover exactly what happened and what went wrong in Benghazi. McCarthy openly saying this damages that effort," Erickson wrote. "This is the man Republicans want to be Speaker of the House. He is shallow and unprincipled and is showing what an opportunist he is willing to be."

Erickson further questioned McCarthy's ability to lead by criticizing what he said were a slew of "whipping fails" before he ascended to House majority leader.

"Now, as he wants to transition to Speaker, he’s putting his foot in his mouth and undermining the work of the Republican majority," the pundit added.