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Cruz Responds To Trump: Questions About My Citizenship Are ‘Political Noise’

AP Photo / Nati Harnik

In audio captured by MSNBC, Cruz told reporters outside his campaign bus in Iowa, “As a legal matter, the question is quite straightforward and settled law that the child of a U.S. citizen born abroad is a natural born citizen. People will continue to make political noise about it but as a legal matter it is quite straightforward.”

Though Cruz declined to mention any specific names, Trump told the Washington Post in a Tuesday interview that the Canada-born senator might be ineligible to serve as U.S. president.

"I’d hate to see something like that get in his way,” Trump said. “But a lot of people are talking about it and I know that even some states are looking at it very strongly, the fact that he was born in Canada and he has had a double passport.”

In the U.S., any individual born outside the country who has at least one parent who is an American citizen is considered to be a natural-born citizen.