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Pro-Clinton Super PAC: Cruz Hates Avocados, Allegedly Likes Nickelback

AP Photo / Shawn Gust

The ad, released by Priorities USA, is a response to a pro-Cruz ad in which an actor portraying Clinton aide Huma Abedin is seen in a war room desperately asking the question "how do we stop Ted Cruz?"

Priorities' ad begins with that same clip, but then a "Star Wars"-style scroll takes over the screen, listing Cruz's stances on Medicare, education and abortion rights, but also slams him for some questionable personality traits.

"College roommate said: 'Ted Cruz is a nightmare of a human being," the ad reads. "Would give big tax cuts to the rich. Hates Avocados. Listed 'world domination' as a life aspiration. Reportedly likes Nickelback."

It ends the ad saying in the iconic Star Wars font: "We've Got This."

Watch the full ad below:

h/t Politico