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Clinton: 'Not Enough' For Tubman To Be On $20 Bill, We Need Equal Pay


During a conversation about economic barriers at a Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, café, Clinton said that while she was happy about Tubman's inclusion on the $20 bill, she was more concerned with the amount of those bills that women get compared to men, according to Politico.

"It’s not just enough to be on the money, you need to be making the money, and that’s what we want to talk about today," Clinton said.

“I am very excited about Harriet Tubman and the other women who are going to be included on our money," she added, as quoted by Politico. "But, I also want to make sure that women are making the money that we deserve to make."

Equal pay is one of the core issues of Clinton's campaign. She frequently speaks to the issue in Democratic primary debates and invoked equal pay during her victory speech after winning the New York primary this week.