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Christie Predicts BridgeGate Will Have Zero Effect On His Political Future

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“I think it will have none, because I didn’t do anything,” Christie said, according to Time magazine.

Christie was speaking to CBS News’ Bob Schieffer during an appearance at the Peterson Foundation Fiscal Summit in Washington, D.C.

The lane closures caused a massive, multi-day traffic jam in September in Fort Lee, N.J., and prompted an investigation by state lawmakers, and eventually one by federal prosecutors. Several of Christie's closest aides and allies at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey have resigned or been fired over their ties to the scandal. But in March, a legal team representing Christie's office released a report clearing the governor of any role in the plan to close the lanes, and Christie has since then tried to put the issue behind him.

Speaking with an eye toward a potential future presidential run, Christie said Wednesday he thought "this will be a footnote by the time any of these decisions are made."