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Ammon Bundy Talks With FBI Negotiator In Weird Airport Scene

AP Photo / Rick Bowmer

Bundy was not alone Thursday. He brought along Brian Cavalier, his so-called body guard who goes by the nickname "fluffy unicorn." Cavalier was present at the refuge in the early days of the standoff, but he was arrested in Arizona last week for an outstanding warrant. Apparently he has returned to Oregon.

Both the FBI mediator and Bundy agreed to talk again on Friday. The negotiator told Bundy that he wanted to "keep the dialogue going," according to OPB. Bundy told the FBI that the Constitution might offer the solution for the conflict. And before Bundy hung up he asked the FBI agent he was speaking to if he happened to be a member of the Mormon church. The man on the other line of the phone said he was not. Bundy said he asked because he thought the FBI might be connecting him with someone he might share a faith with in an attempt to build trust quicker.