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Report: Kansas Gov. Brownback's Brother Accused Of Terrorizing Neighbors

AP Photo / Chris Neal

According to The Capital-Journal investigation, the strife between Jim Brownback and Peines began when the Peines euthanized a Brownback relative's dog, which the Peines said attacked their hogs. The Peines and other neighbors recalled a series of episodes in which they said Jim Brownback and his relatives trespassed on their property, shot firearms at the Peines home and publicly threatened members of the Peine family.

While confirming some aspects of the Peines' account, Jim Brownback said he didn't break the law and told The Capital-Journal that he and his family were targets for those sorts of accusations because of his brother.

Through a spokeswoman, Gov. Brownback declined to be interviewed for the story.

Local law enforcement denied it had given Jim Brownback any special treatment because of his brother and said officers had investigated accusations made against him. (Evidence from one such investigation, a months-long lab analysis of shotgun casings found outside the Peine home, was "lost," according to the Capital-Journal.)

“He hasn’t crossed the line, but I guess he walks on it,” Linn County Sheriff Paul Filla said of Jim Brownback.