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Boehner Chokes Up While Talking About His Resignation And The Pope (VIDEO)

AP Photo / Jacquelyn Martin

Boehner, who wept in front of cameras during the pope’s speech on Thursday, said the experience was “emotional.” But he said it was another moment that took place out of view of the press that really moved him.

“As the pope and I were getting ready to exit the building, we found ourselves alone. And the pope grabbed my left arm and said some really nice things to me about my commitment to kids and education," Boehner said. "The pope put his arm around me and kind of pulled me to him and said, 'Please pray for me.' Well who am I to pray for the pope?”

Boehner teared up, and a flurry of clicking camera shutters captured the moment.

The speaker appeared much more sanguine about his upcoming resignation, saying he was “thinking about walking out the door anyway.”