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GOP Sen. Bob Corker Failed To Disclose Millions In Assets And Income

AP Photo / J. Scott Applewhite

According to the Journal, Corker filed amendments to his financial disclosure forms late Friday after the paper had previously inquired about several inconsistencies in Corker's finances.

Senators may engage in outside business activities and investments, but under Senate rules they must disclose their assets and incomes. Corker is a high-ranking Republican on the Senate's banking committee.

The Journal reported that the new filings show Corker made $2 million in hedge fund profits as well as millions more through his commercial real estate business.

In a statement Friday, Corker told the Wall Street Journal that he regretted any accounting errors.

“I am extremely disappointed in the filing errors that were made in earlier financial disclosure reports," Corker told the Journal. “After completing a full, third-party review, we have corrected this oversight."

While Corker appears to have corrected the reports, the senator still faces the ire of watchdog groups like the Campaign for Accountability. That group's president Anne Weismann told the Wall Street Journal that she was planning to file an additional ethics complaint in light of the new filing.