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Rep. Farenthold: 'There May Be A Texan' Who Could Be Speaker (VIDEO)

AP Photo / Bill Clark

Farenthold told MSNBC's Luke Russert that since McCarthy's announcement he'd heard from people who were unhappy with the notion of the California Republican succeeding Boehner as speaker, branding him "Boehner 2.0."

"Who is somebody that could make your constituents happy?" Russert asked. "Is that person out there?

"I think there is. I think there may be a Texan out there," Farenthold responded. "So we'll wait and see."

"I think there's a great opportunity for someone to heal the party and actually be able to work with both the conservative and the liberal branch of our party and even reach across the aisle," he added. "A new personality, a uniter."

Russert didn't ask Farenthold to elaborate and the congressman didn't offer any names.

Watch below: