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Bernie Sanders: Corporations 'Ain't Going To Like Me'

AP Photo / Charlie Neibergall

When asked if corporate America should love Hillary Clinton, Clinton jokingly responded "everybody should."

After Sanders' response, however, Clinton went on to explain she was hardly a puppet of the uber rich.

"Look, I have said, I want to be the president for the struggling, the striving, and the suessful. I want to make sure the wealthy pay their fair share, which they have not been doing," Clinton said.

She added that she wanted to ensure that millionaires have to pay 30 percent tax rates, but she also said that it was important businesses have room to be successful in an effort to create jobs.

"I want to be a partner with the private sector. I'm particularly keen on creating jobs in small business," Clinton said. "My dad was a small businessman, a really small business. I want to do more to help incentivize and create more small businesses. So if people who are in the private sector know what I stand."