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Carson Aide On Muslim Comments: GOP Voters 'Are With Us At Least 80-20'

AP Photo / Lance Iversen

"While the left wing is huffing and puffing over it, Republican primary voters are with us at least 80-20," Carson campaign manager Barry Bennett told The Associated Press.

It's not clear what poll Bennett was referring to in his comments. A June Gallup poll found that 45 percent of Republicans were willing to vote for a Muslim candidate for President.

"People in Iowa particularly, are like, 'Yeah! We're not going to vote for a Muslim either," Bennett added, as quoted by the AP. "I don't mind the hubbub. It's not hurting us, that's for sure."

Bennett told the AP that the campaign actually gained 100,000 new followers on Facebook and saw strong fundraising in the 24-plus hours since Carson said he didn't believe a Muslim should be President.

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