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'Shark Tank' Star: Trump Compared My Breasts To His Pregnant Wife's


"I was pregnant with my first child at the time, and so was his second wife, and he compared my breast size to his wife by putting his hands in the air, like—" Corcoran told CNN's Erin Burnett Thursday, demonstrating Trump’s gestures. "I was in a business meeting. I was shocked."

“That of course is nothing compared to anything that we’ve been hearing in the press, and I found it rather comical, but I did think afterwards, ‘How would I have felt if I had been a young woman, not a successful businesswoman, and been in a situation like that?’" she continued. "I would have felt very compromised."

Corcoran said that the incident occurred during the only time she was ever alone with Trump. She did not say when it happened, although Tiffany Trump, Trump’s only child with Maples, was born in October 1993.

Corcoran told Burnett that she believes the accusations of sexual misconduct several women have leveled against Trump are credible.

"I just think it's preposterous that he's claiming he's done nothing like that," she said, after Burnett asked if she “overall” believed Trump’s accusers. "I mean, he has been that way. Always."