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Report: Sheldon Adelson Behind Secret Purchase Of Nevada's Largest Paper

AP Photo / Charles Dharapak

These reports have not been confirmed by Adelson or by Michael Schroeder, a Connecticut newspaper publisher who was the only person listed on regulatory filings about the sale.

Outlets such as The Los Angeles Times suggested earlier this week that Adelson may have been behind the purchase, given his wealth and local ties. Because Nevada is both an early caucus and swing state, journalists, including those on the Review-Journal's own staff, speculated that the newspaper was purchased for political influence.

Adelson is one of the largest Republican donors, and hosted the fifth GOP presidential debate at his Venetian hotel Tuesday night.

Though the new owners have told staffers that they won’t interfere with editorial content, Review-Journal reporter James DeHaven asked Monday “how reporters can possibly disclose conflicts of interest with the company that signs their paychecks.”