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Dem Rep: Congress Has Spent More Time Investigating Benghazi Than 9/11

AP Photo / Bill Clark

Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) provoked the ire of Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) early on in the select committee's grilling of Hillary Clinton by saying it hadn't uncovered any new information about the attacks in the 17 months since it was empaneled. He returned to that observation in the second round of questioning.

"We didn't investigate 9/11—you know, 9/11/2001, just to specify—with the length and depth that we have chose to investigate this," he said. "So again, I come back to the central point of the central problem with this committee. It is a prosecution. It is a partisan exercise. It is not trying to investigate and find out the truth."

A joint congressional committee and the independent 9/11 Commission investigated the 2001 terror attacks. By contrast, eight congressional committees, including the current select committee on Benghazi, in addition to the State Department's Accountability Review Board have investigated the 2012 terror attacks.

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