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Report: Hundreds Of Protestors Face Off In Oregon Over Refuge Standoff

AP Photo / Nicholas K. Geranios

The standoff at the federal facility has been ongoing for more than four weeks now.

Authorities have said only four individuals remain at the compound after the group's leaders were arrested last week. But the death last week of one of the militia leaders, LaVoy Finicum, has added fuel to the already tense showdown. According to the Reuters report, 300 people showed up to protest the takeover of the refuge while 200 showed up to show their support for the action of the militiamen. Some of them were carrying pictures of Finicum and some had firearms. According to a video posted on the New York Times, some were shouting "hands up, don't shoot," a phrase that became a protest mantra for many protesting police violence against African Americans.

Reuters reported that in response to "go home," some of the supporters of the standoff screamed “we are home.”