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The Most Beautiful Truck Crash Ever



The photo above, snapped by Winslow Townson for The Boston Globe, shows the technicolor scene resulting from the spill.


Joe Ferson, a spokesman for the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, confirmed that 16,000 pounds of red, blue, and yellow ink cartridges from an Indianapolis-based printing company were involved in the crash, though thankfully, the Globe reports, "Ferson said there is no evidence the yellow ink was released." After my investigation of the relavent photographs, however, I must dispute his claim.

Clean-up crews were quick to respond to the scene, soaking up the rivers of ink with sand, though some sections of the ramp will reportedly require repaving--is the driver responsible for what must be like $30 gazillion dollars ink cartridges?--and some of the ink has already seeped into nearby storm drains. It isn't considered an environmental hazard, but state environmental officials are nevertheless on-site overseeing the cleanup.

The on-ramp is expected to remain closed throughout the evening. Meanwhile, at an office somewhere in America, toner is presumably running very low. [Boston Globe, Image: Winslow Townson]

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