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Rockefeller: Zuckerberg And Young People 'Don't Have Any Social Values'


"It's my general feeling that people who are 20, 21, 22 years old really don't have any social values," Rockefeller told Facebook's Bret Taylor, who was testifying at a Senate hearing on mobile privacy Thursday.

"No, it's true," he added after the audience laughed.

Rockefeller, chairman of the Senate Commerce committee, was critical of Facebook's efforts to protect consumer privacy.

"I think [Zuckerberg] was focused on how his business model would work and he wanted to make it bigger and do it faster than anyone else ever had and nothing I know suggests otherwise," Rockefeller said.

The senator from West Virginia has proposed a "Do-Not-Track" bill, one of many bills currently being considered on Capitol Hill.

Zuckerberg has come under fire in the past about his views on privacy. He has been quoted on numerous occasions about his belief that users don't have much of a sense of privacy anymore, and that these days they are willing to share more information about themselves than before.