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More than 400 organizations around the world are turning on the next version of the internet protocol for a day to test how it works on a large scale. The successful deployment of the scheme is crucial if the internet is to grow.

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One of the persistent problems plaguing renewable energy is just how intermittent its sources are: The wind dies down, and clouds can obscure the sun.

On Tuesday, General Electric unveiled a project that will rely on a hybrid approach to solve the problem. The company and its partners are cobbling together wind, solar and natural gas to power up to 600,000 households from a power station to be built in southwestern Turkey. The target launch date is 2015.

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Apple CEO Steve Jobs on Monday unveiled the company's revamped strategy to cloud computing, showing off how users can create content and buy music from one computer or device, and have it all appear seamlessly on their other Apple devices without having to manually plug in and synchronize their devices any more.

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It's like Christmas in technoland -- all the geeks are pumped up with anticipation over just what exciting new product features Apple CEO Steve Jobs is going to unveil Monday at Apple's week-long Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Apple announced last week that it would unveil Lion, the next generation of its desktop operating system, iOS 5, its update to it mobile operating system, and discuss details about its brand new cloud computing service, dubbed iCloud.

Some of the cool new features being discussed on the tech blogs include: a new capability that will allow you to back up your data on all of your devices and computers remotely through Time Machine; a new cloud-based music service; more social networking features built into Apple's mobile devices; and a new encryption system for the Apple operating system.

(Disclosure: I'm an occasional contributor to Cult of Mac.)

Scientists said Sunday they had trapped and stored antihydrogen atoms for a record 16 minutes -- making a major step toward understanding the nature of the origins of the universe.

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