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Algae holds great promise as a source of biofuel: it's rich in oil like corn, but it can be cultivated without competing for land with food crops, and researchers are developing energy-efficient ways to process it.

Recent tests have demonstrated that algae is a viable fuel for long-distance flights, and for use in naval helicopters. But questions still loom over the private sector's ability to produce sufficient quantities for widespread, routine use.

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Another day, another data spill.

This time, the story concerns Fitbit, a San Francisco start-up that makes a personal fitness tracking device.

Users of the service wear the small device to track their physical activities. They can also enter information on the service's website about other aspects of their lives, such as their diet and, yes, their sex lives (e.g., logging how "vigorous" each encounter was).

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A team of researchers from University of Toronto Engineering is developing a way to manufacture inexpensive solar cells in the form of a paint-on coating.

The new paintable solar cell could be applied to a variety of surfaces, including building materials. It could also be used to run portable electronic devices such as laptops.

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