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What We Still Don't Know

Rudy G’s big revelation leaves so many questions unanswered. In fact, the extent of the key missing information highlights what a total clusterf*** Giuliani’s TV appearances over the last 13 hours have been.  Here are the top questions (for Prime subscribers) that we’re framing our coverage around.

Rudes in Twilight

I’ve heard from a lot of people this morning claiming that Rudy’s revelation last night was all by design, and a logical new legal strategy at that. Not likely.

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Oh Good Lord

Giuliani went on Hannity this evening and stumbled into saying that President Trump paid Michael Cohen back the $130,000, something Trump has denied. Hannity tried to walk him back. But it didn’t go really well.

More Bad News For Greitens

Last year, the Missouri ethics commission investigated how Gov. Eric Greitens came to possess a donor list from a veterans’ charity he founded. If Greitens took the list, it would be a major campaign finance violation. Greitens, a Republican elected in 2016, swore in a consent decree with the commission that his campaign got the list via an in-kind contribution from its campaign manager, Danny Laub.

But now, Laub has testified that Greitens was lying about that. And Laub says he was duped by Greitens’ team into taking the fall. As we already knew, it looks like Greitens himself directed someone to send the list to the campaign. Allegra Kirkland has all the details.

But that’s not all…

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One Small Point on The Medical Records

I had heard from a few people that during his somewhat notorious press conference back in January, Ronny Jackson had said that he didn’t have access to Trump’s medical records. From what I can tell this isn’t true – at least based on my review of the transcript. There is one point where Dr Jackson says “I have reviewed the president’s past medical records to the extent that they’re — have been made available to me and there’s nothing at all that’s concerning to me.”

This line is a bit ambiguous. It’s not obvious why you’d keep any records from your doctor. But in the course of the briefing, Jackson referenced various aspects of Trump’s medical history, earlier test results and so forth. So I see why people may have gotten this impression. Perhaps there’s something there. But I don’t see real evidence of it from the briefing. If you’re aware of some other reference to Jackson not having access to Trump’s records, please let me know.