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Big In Montana

Ha ha ha … Cam Joseph’s piece on Montana Senate Matt Rosendale moonwalking away from his claims of being a “rancher” showed up in a Tester ad overnight. Watch the ad after the jump. 

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Pray Away the Gay Today

Steve Negron, the newly-minted GOP nominee to face Rep. Annie Kuster (D-NH) recently defended so-called ‘gay conversion therapy’. “When you look at these young children that are trying to make a decision, and I remember when I was 15-16 I was confused, I had a lot of options in my life,” he said in a Facebook Live interview with local station WMUR last month.

"This Should Keep The Black Vote Down Considerably."

This a fascinating, must-read backstory that is one of the many, really countless reasons hearing from TPM Readers has been such a treat and something I’ve profited from so much for almost 20 years. TPM Reader Joe Rieser, one-time General Counsel of the DNC, has a fascinating follow-up and addenda to the second installment in our 2018 Series on Voting Rights and Democracy

I had been away on vacation when TPM’s August 16, 2018 article on voter fraud mythology was published and did not come across it until just recently. I was heavily involved with one of the episodes described in that article, namely the Republican efforts in Louisiana in 1986. In my world, we call it the Louisiana case. There is one significant piece of evidence that the authors of the article failed to mention with respect to that episode. I think it is worth bringing to your attention because of how strongly an admission by a Republican operative in an undeleted email underscored the Republicans’ racial focus in suppressing the vote.

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Q Poll Has Dems with 14 Point Generic Poll Lead

A new poll out this morning from Quinnipiac has the Democrats with a 14 point advantage in the congressional generic ballot. That’s on the high side of recent results. 538 currently puts its current ‘average’ at 8.6 points. The poll is of registered voters, sampled 1,038 respondents and was conducted between September 6th and 9th.

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Papadopoulos Back on Deep State Bandwagon

Last week, in his sentencing hearing, George Papadopoulos expressed deep remorse for his crime and asked for a lenient sentence, which he got: 14 days in jail. In her weekend interview, Papadopoulos’s wife, Simona Mangiante, seemed to all but troll the Special Counsel’s office with the widespread suspicions that she is in fact herself a spy or tied in some fashion to Russian intelligence. After the sentencing I thought, what happened to all the “deep state” conspiracy theories Mangiante had been peddling on Fox News all summer, asking for a pardon, going deep into the Fox News/Hannity-sphere with every conspiracy under the sun?

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Trump's Sad, Ego-Salve Press Briefing

There’s a cardinal rule of politics, at least presidential politics. That is that the President gets the credit, especially when it comes to the economy. It seldom matters just who is responsible. Often it’s quite difficult, even in retrospect, to know who is responsible. But good or bad, the incumbent gets the praise or the blame. Right now the President’s Council of Economic Advisors chief is giving a presentation as part of the daily press briefing. But almost the entirety of it is making the point that absolutely, positively none of the good stuff has anything to do with Obama.

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Obamacare Back on the Ballot - In West Virginia

There’s no Democrat most Democrats outside of West Virginia find more consistently annoying than Joe Manchin. He consistently provides the most unreliable vote on numerous issues that national Democrats care deeply about. Many Democrats say he should just become a Republican or get primaried. You probably remember that when he last ran for reelection he ran an ad in which he shot the “cap and trade” bill currently before Congress – a twofer of cultural and economic messaging.

This time, running for reelection in what is likely the most pro-Trump state in the country, West Virginia, he’s running a similar ad. But what he’s shooting this time is quite interesting. It’s a lawsuit, supported by his rival, that threatens Obamacare.

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