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Very Interesting Stuff on Mueller

I had a long chat with Marcy Wheeler about the Russia probe. Very interesting stuff. Also made me think – along with a few other conversations over recent days – that Trump knows that everything could come unspooled if Manafort doesn’t stay quiet. You can listen here.

Jesus! ... No Really

Nice catch here by Friend of TPM Rick Hasen. In that bundle of emails from Trump’s defunct ‘election integrity’ commission released to Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap, we find this email from Commissioner Christy McCormick. In the email to then Pence Counsel Mark Paoletta, McCormick recommends DOJ lawyer Benjamin Overholt because their “numerous discussions” made her “pretty confident that he is a conservative (and Christian, too).”

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Space Force Fundraiser

Donald Trump is fundraising off creating a new branch of the US Armed Forces, his “Space Force.” He even lets you vote on (what he suggests) will be the official logo for Space Force gear the campaign will sell. 

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Chris Collins' Big Pump and Dump?

On the Chris Collins story, most of the attention has focused (quite understandably) on the fact that Collins allegedly gave family members a heads up on the news that would lead to the stocks collapse a few days later. That makes perfect sense. But there’s another quite interesting part of the story, which is how and when those other members of Congress bought in.

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Officially the Worst Take on Chris Collins?

I don’t want to be mean. But Dana Bash just said Donald Trump got elected because of outrage over sleazy Reps like Chris Collins, the first member of Congress to endorse Donald Trump.