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Kennedy Docs

Tell us what you think are the most interesting documents in the big Kennedy Assassination document dump. Send to our main email address right under the site logo and include the citation!

All Good Here

‚ÄúThis is really a very simple effort by an entrepreneur to get on the plane, fly to Puerto Rico, talk to PREPA when no one else would.”

The spokesman for Whitefish Energy pushes back on ‘conspiracy theories’ and says the whole issue is just that their people had the gumption to get to Puerto Rico first and say they wanted the work.

More on the Puerto Rico Shakedown

A quick follow up about my questions from last night about the situation in Puerto Rico. I noted yesterday that the White House wants to have the board overseeing Puerto Rico’s bankruptcy appoint an emergency manager to oversee the territory’s power company and its accompanying reconstruction efforts. The guy they want to appoint is named Noel Zamot, a retired Air Force Colonel.

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Endangering the Country; Devin Nunes Edition

With Devin Nunes now going to town over the “dossier” and trying to get the FBI to turn over materials from an active counter-intelligence and criminal investigation, we should remember the following. Whatever President Trump’s level of complicity in the Russian disruption campaign, there was a disruption campaign. Trying to disrupt the investigation may be something people think will protect Trump. But it impedes the actual investigation.

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Must Read

Cam’s piece this morning on Democratic fundraising is a must-read. It also answered a key question for me. In every ‘the Dems will still blow it’ article I’ve read in recent weeks I hear that Republicans are beating Democrats in fundraising. Each time I read that I scratch my head because it certainly doesn’t square with what the political environment looks like. More specifically, I keep hearing that Republicans feel so under the gun about Obamacare because funders are simply refusing to keep giving unless the GOP can deliver some legislative victories. I also see example after example of Republicans retiring or considering retirement because they’re behind in the money chase. So what’s the deal? The key seems to be that the RNC actually is beating the DNC pretty handily. On every other front though, the Democrats are sporting the kind of big money advantage that usually presages big midterm gains. Read Cam’s report here.

Something Here Does Not Add Up

Here’s a story in The Washington Post. On its face, it’s how things should work: bipartisan cooperation to make sure things run right. There seems to be bipartisan agreement that the board charged with providing financial oversight of Puerto Rico’s bankruptcy process should appoint an emergency manager to oversee the territory’s bankrupt power company, PREPA.

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