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Sounds Different

Watching the Sanders press conference this morning, Sanders seems to have moved another big notch forward in terms of very clipped answers. Basically every answer is, I don’t have anything more for you. In addition, she has rolled out what seems like a new talking point. Each time she’s asked if Trump committed a crime she said repeatedly “he did nothing wrong. There are no charges against him.”

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I Talk To John Dean

This afternoon, just as all hell was starting to break loose, I talked to John Dean about Watergate, Trump Russia and similarities between the two. Listen here.

President's Initial Reaction

Here is a transcript and video of Trump’s brief comments on today’s news. Note that there’s no discussion of Cohen, only Manafort – transcript per pool report.

Transcript after the jump …

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Verdicts Reached

The Manafort jury has apparently reached verdicts on 8 of the 18 charges. Unclear yet whether that means a hung jury on those 10 charges, whether they will continue to deliberate, whether anything will be announced today.

Update – 4:33 PM: It seems like we may be moving toward a hung jury on as many as 10 of the Manafort counts. And we may be about to hear the results this afternoon.


Sens Burr and Warner just appeared jointly to announce they’ve “recently re-engaged with [Michael] Cohen” after recent reports about Trump Tower meeting. More shortly.

Thanks, Folks

Thanks for the great response to my note yesterday on our upcoming annual Prime sign up drive. We’ll kick off later this week. Before then we’ll also be rolling out some key changes to the front page of the site, which our whole team is very excited about. If you haven’t subscribed to Prime yet and you’re a regular reader, please consider doing so in this upcoming drive. It’s very important. And we have the opportunity not only to sustain the work our team here at TPM does but to make it more vital and robust than it’s ever been. Stay tuned and thank you.

Two Big Stories Moving

Just to catch you up, we’re looking at two major stories possibly moving this afternoon. The Manafort jury appears to have reached a verdict on all but one of the eighteen charges. Separately, we’re now hearing reports that Michael Cohen may reach a plea deal with federal prosecutors in New York (SDNY) as early as this afternoon.

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