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Wrestling With the Fact That Papadopoulos is a Moron

We are now hearing various versions of who knew what and who said what about the idea of George Papadopoulos arranging a meeting between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign. All these points notwithstanding, let’s remember that the idea that a presidential candidate would hold a summit with a foreign head of state – especially Vladimir Putin – is completely crazy, even if you have a maximal take on the Trump/Russia scandal. In many ways, it’s crazy especially if you have a maximal take on the Trump/Russia scandal.

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It's All Very Curious

It is worth considering why, when Sam Clovis was a key conduit directing and overseeing foreign policy advisors whose activities were at a minimum highly embarrassing, he was ever considered for any administration appointment.

Clovis, who is at the center of the expanding Papadopoulos revelations, today withdrew his nomination to be the top scientist at the Department of Agriculture.

Clovis is not a scientist.

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We and many others reported the release of a bundle of Russian-intelligence backed ad campaigns that ran on Facebook last year. I wanted to zoom in one of them. It’s simply an extraordinary example of the complexity and not online but in the real world impact of what was happening last year.

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So Much Going On

One interesting backstory to the Manafort-Gates indictment: the pre-indictment fight over whether they could invoke attorney-client privilege to block their lawyer from having to testify to the Mueller grand jury. The details of that skirmish–which Manafort and Gates lost–emerged when the case was unsealed this week. Tierney Sneed explains the significance.