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Sen. Sanders: War Is Being Waged On America's Middle Class (VIDEO)


Sanders said that the wealthiest Americans today earn about 12 cents of every dollar in the economy, adding that the top 1 percent of income earners make 23.5 percent of all income. According to Sanders, that is creating a severe unequal distribution of wealth in America.

"We got to own up to it," Sanders concluded. "There is a war going on. The middle class is struggling for existence, and they are taking on some of the wealthiest, most powerful forces in the world, whose greed has no end. And if we don't begin to stand together and start representing those families, there will not be a middle class in this country."

Sanders also addressed the issue of extending the Bush-era tax cuts, claiming that his Republican colleagues are more concerned with giving tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans than cutting the deficit.

"I think that that is absurd," he said.


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