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Progressive Think Tank Not So Thrilled With Obama's Regulatory Chief

According to the CPR, Sunstein, a longtime friend of Obama's, has supported the use of "cost-benefit analysis" in evaluating proposed regulations -- a method that assigns monetary values to various risks in an attempt to determine the worthiness of a new rule.

To an extent, that position aligns Sunstein with John Graham, the corporate-funded, right-leaning head of George W. Bush's Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. Graham became notorious for assigning a greater hypothetical value to the lives of younger Americans than to those of senior citizens, a practice dubbed the "death discount."

It's unlikely that Sunstein's OIRA would bear much resemblance to Graham's, which was arguably an all-time low point for environmental and public health advocates. But anyone who's grumbled privately that the media has over-scrutinized Obama's choices should read the CPR report first.