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Moody's: Political Ad Revenue To Smash Records In 2012


Moody's describes the "near-perfect political storm" of 2012:

No one loves a good political brawl like a US broadcast company. The fiercer the fight, the more money broadcasters can expect from campaign advertising--particularly in an era when political rhetoric grows more heated every day. There are good political years, and then there are years like 2012, when speculative-grade, pure-play television broadcasters expect an unprecedented frenzy of political advertising amid an intense battle for control of both the White House and a closely divided Congress.

The Supreme Court's ruling on Citizens United -- opening the flood gates for corporate political spending -- will "show viewers a barrage of campaign ads," the report says.

Television broadcasters will attract the most political advertising, according to the report, but other media will also see record revenue from the election.

Swing states, of course, will be hot ad markets, as will Washington D.C., Boston and Las Vegas, according to the report. For a taste of TPM's favorite political ads of 2010, check out these "TPM Approved Messages."

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