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Lindsay Graham: 'Whining' Obama's Tax Cuts Work Reveals 'Political Immaturity'


Back in September, Graham told Fox News he wanted to see a three-year extension on the tax cuts for all Americans. Obama is now offering a two-year extension of the tax cuts, in exchange for an extension of unemployment benefits, among other things. Graham isn't satisfied.

"I think he's adrift," Graham said. "His instincts, I think, are to be more centrist, since that's the political future for him. But he doesn't feel comfortable taking on his own party. And he sure doesn't know how to cut a deal and sell it. This goes back to experience. He's never done this stuff before. I hope the message is, before you elect someone president of the United States, the more experience they have in the real world, the better. He's never sat down with a group of Republicans and Democrats -- hard-headed right and hard-headed left -- and hammered out a deal."

And just for good measure, Graham closes by calling Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's handling of the lame duck session "small minded" and "tone deaf."

Read the full interview here.

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