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Lawrence O'Donnell Challenges Rep. Goodlatte's Reading Of The Constitution (VIDEO)


Goodlatte also commented on the new rules in the House, saying they will require that "all bills introduced in the Congress state the basis in the Constitution -- the section of the Constitution -- upon which that introducer of the bill relies in introducing it."

But O'Donnell wasn't satisfied to leave it at that. He brought up a bill Goodlatte introduced to censor the Internet to his decency standards. The Supreme Court eventually ruled it unconstitutional, saying it violated the First Amendment.

And O'Donnell also pressed Goodlatte on voting for an increase in the minimum wage without looking into the constitutionality of doing so.

"You voted for an increase in something that you don't even know has constitutional authority to exist?" O'Donnell asked him.

"That's correct," Goodlatte said.


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