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Is Michele Bachmann Gearing Up For A 2012 Senate Run?


Bachmann raised $13.2 million during her House campaign, compared to Klobuchar's $9 million Senate fundraising in 2006. And Bachmann has about $2 million in campaign funding left, whereas Klobuchar has about $1.4 million.

A PPP poll found that 36 percent of Republican voters want Bachmann to run for Senate -- compared to 20 percent for outgoing Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) and 14 percent for former Sen. Norm Coleman. But PPP also puts Klobuchar cozily ahead of Bachmann, 56-39. For a little context, the poll also puts Klobuchar leading Pawlenty 53-43 and Coleman 54-40.

What's more, Klobuchar enjoys 60 percent approval in Minnesota, according to the TPM Poll Average.

h/t The Hill

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