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House GOPer Wants To Halt U.S.'s Refugee Resettlement Program

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His office did not respond to TPM's request for comment.

For decades, the U.S. has granted asylum and assistance to immigrants fleeing their home countries on the basis of their political opinion, religion, race, nationality or membership to a particular social group. It is estimated that some 3 million people have resettled in the United States since 1975. The resettlement program, overseen by the State Department working in conjunction charities and other non-government organizations, provides financial assistance and healthcare for refugees for a period of time while they assimilate.

The U.S.'s refugee policies has come under scrutiny since the 2014 migrant crisis, in which tens of thousands of Central American women and children crossed the border seeking asylum. However, conservatives have also singled out Muslim refugees fleeing from the war-torn Middle East.

Babin is known for being a hard-liner on immigration and joined Sen. Ted Cruz's (R-TX) failed effort earlier this spring to block funding to the Department of Homeland Security over President Obama's immigration executive order.

According to, Babin's bill has no co-sponsors yet, although it has been cheered by some conservatives.

The Conservative Review praised Babin for taking on a program it described as being an "insidious tool used by the elites to remake American society and burden the states with a huge fiscal drain."

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