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Gingrich Asks Topless Club Owner For Money -- After Snubbing Her Last Year


Not so fast. In a letter to Gingrich last week, Rizos said she won't donate any money until she and Gingrich have a chance to discuss what happened last year.

American Solutions did not respond to TPM's requests for comment.

Club spokesman Mike Precker said it's "ironic" that Gingrich sent a request for money after snubbing Rizos last year. But, he said they were pleasantly surprised to see the letter arrive. "As long as he keeps sending us appeals, we'll keep responding," he said.

While Rizos won't give Gingrich money again just yet, she didn't leave him entirely empty-handed. Included in her reply, she sent him a lifetime VIP membership to The Lodge, which Precker said is worth $2,000.

"We'd be very happily surprised" if he stops by, Precker told TPM.

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