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Daily Show Bids Farewell To Puppet Michael Steele (VIDEO)


[TPM SLIDESHOW: Best Boss Ever? Michael Steele & The RNC Interns]

But Puppet Steele's tone was unrecognizable at first, as he somberly questioned whether he has much to live for after the RNC. Stewart was speechless.

"I'm just fuckin' with you, bibble," Puppet Steele said, much to Stewart's relief. "You should have seen your face, Melrose Place."

So what does Puppet Steele think of his successor at the RNC?

"Reince Priebus? His name makes no sense," Puppet Steele said. "It's jibibblerish"

"I'm not saying he's a dick from Wisconsin, but Brett Favre just texted me his picture," Puppet Steele added.

Puppet Steele ended the interview by saying it's time for him to head back to the street ... Wall Street, that is.


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