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Did Maine Gov. LePage Even Speak To NAACP About Visiting Only Black Prisoners?


According to email messages reviewed by the Press Herald, the invitation makes no mention of the race of prisoners LePage would visit with, and Ross added that the event was meant to include all prisoners.

Ross claims that the only communication she received from LePage's campaign was a notice that a scheduling conflict kept LePage from attending the event.

"You have to wonder why he lied," she said.

Dan Demeritt, LePage's spokeperson, told WGAN Wednesday that the situation was a result of "miscommunication," citing hectic days during LePage's campaign. (Listen to the whole interview here.)

"We need to do a better job of communicating," he said.

Demeritt also told the Press Herald that he couldn't say exactly where the confusion over LePage visiting only black prisoners came from, but said the NAACP is choosing to "nitpick about an invitation that occurred or did not occur six months ago."

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