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Coleman Lawyer: Count 5,000 More Ballots -- Who Knows What Might Happen?

"Nobody -- Mr. Franken's side, Norm Coleman's side - we don't know what's in here. For all I know, I'm trying to get you to count ballots that might overwhelmingly favor Mr. Franken," said Friedberg. "I just don't know. Everyone's projections in this election were wrong. That's clear. I'm sure both sides have had experts trying to figure out who these missing ballots would favor, but their projections were so wrong we haven't got a clue at this point."

As we've noted before, both sides have had ample opportunities to figure out who a rejected voter cast his or her ballot for, or at least guess at the probabilities. As such, we can't say with total confidence that a claim of non-knowledge on this matter really holds true.