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Coleman Camp: Count Every Vote -- All of Them

"First the Coleman campaign said there were no wrongly rejected absentee ballots. Then they said there might be a 'handful.' Then they went to court to stop any of them from being reviewed and counted. Then they rejected our proposal to count all the ballots identified by county elections officials as having been wrongly rejected. Then in their election contest, they questioned whether the court should ignore the 950 ballots that had been reviewed and counted by a process they'd agreed to - and substitute 650 ballots they pulled from thin air.

"It seems like the shake-up of the Coleman legal team has resulted in even more confusion on their side. Yesterday, one set of their attorneys proposed to our attorneys that they wanted all 11,000 rejected absentee ballots to be counted, regardless of whether they'd been correctly rejected or not. And today, another set of their attorneys are telling the press that they want all 12,000 rejected absentee ballots to be reviewed by some other process.

"We're not going to respond to any proposal they make until they figure out what, exactly, their proposal is."