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Flippin' Christie: Pathway to Citizenship I Used To Support Is 'Garbage' (VIDEO)


"The fines are going to be large enough that it will wipe out any profit margin they get hiring cheaper, illegal labor -- believe me, business reacts to the bottomline," Christie said.

It is unclear whether Christie believes all efforts to overhaul the immigration system to bring the estimated 12 million immigrants here illegally out of the shadows are "garbage," or if he thinks the idea that undocumented immigrants are seeking citizenship rights is "garbage." The Christie campaign did not respond to TPM's request for clarification.

He used a similar line in a town hall last week, calling the path to citizenship "nonsense."

Already, however, the New Jersey governor was wavering from his 2010 stance supporting a so called "pathway to citizenship" for undocumented immigrants. In May, appearing on Fox News, he called the approach "an extreme way to go” and "just pandering politics." However in July, Christie suggested to CNN he would open to Congress overhauling the system.

"We have to have Congress come together and deal with this. They haven't done that yet. The President has done it by executive order, he hasn't brought people together on it yet," Christie said.

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