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About Last Night

There must have been 2000 people there, or so the coat check folks said. I'd seen the place crowded for many parties, including the 50th anniversary of "Meet the Press" but this was the most packed, with four floors of the museum filled with partygoers. Sting and Sheryl Crow played. They handed out New Year's Eve style blowers at midnight to herald the new day.

There's a lot of blather about old media vs. new media/internet vs. print. The truth is more complex and best left for another discussion. Still, you had to be amazed that there is no media party of comparable size. Much of that is owing to our friend, Arianna, and her knack for drawing a crowd. But it says something about the moment we're in.

The day before, I'd seen on the chyron while watching Fox News--sorry, TPM readers--that the New York Times was in negotiations with Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, already a Times investor, for him to take a bigger stake and ease their cash woes. The next day, HuffPo, is dancing in the marble house the Times and its brethren helped build.